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Raul Cabrera


It’s nice to see her every day (en Champ de Mars)

… (en Cœur Défense)

I’m probably the last to post this picture but here goes my version of @nathill and her umbrella (en Grande Arche)

Legs and Concrete (en La Defense Les Quatre Temps)

I arrived to Paris 1 month ago knowing almost nobody and this weekend I met a bunch of great people. This is what @instagram is about. This is Gérard (@superchinois801) one of best and coolest guys around here, today at the #wwim10_paris (en La Defense)

Dame en rouge (en Rue des Francs-Bourgeois)

Paris (en Jardin des Tuileries)

Tourists (en Notre-Dame Cathedral)

One of the best to hang out around Paris @mariangelleal (en Bercy Village)

Part of the intervention of @Dior yesterday during the #DiorLive at #PFW, where they basically doubled @museelouvre with mirrors. Great architecture, lots of photographers and instagramers around the place. Nice to see some of them (en Musée du Louvre)